WP3 concerns the experimental validation and testing of coatings’functionalities.

A combinatorial experimental approach is proposed for the deposition of coatings thanks to the deposition system of CRP-GL partner which includes several targets, allowing deposition of TiAlXN coatings with the desired chemistry (i.e. the optimum one as predicted from WP1) in a one-shot experiment. This experimental approach is fitting with the corresponding combinatorial modeling approach. Experimental challenges in WP3 will concern the characterization of the grain boundaries in coatings and oxide scales before and after oxidation by EELS and atom probe tomography, and the study of the first steps of oxidation with low energy SIMS in very thin oxide layers (lower than 50 nm). These methods will allow a deeper characterization of phenomena occurring inside grains and grain boundaries during oxidation and wear.


WP number: WP3
WP title: Experimental data: validation/feedback and testing of functionalities
Leader: D. Duday (CRP-GL)
Partners involved: P’, LSPM, IFM, CRP-GL, SECO
Start date: T0+9
End date: T0+36
Objectives: Validate the modeling data by elaborating coatings and comparing their real properties with predicted ones. Determination of relationships between effective elastic and plastic properties, and wear rates in laboratory and machining conditions at high temperature.
Type of activities: Basic Research and Applied Research
Description activities This WP3 is divided into four tasks:3a: Deposition by dcMS and HiPIMS (CRP-GL), as well as CAE (SECO), of TiAlXN coatings with optimized chemical composition, as predicted from computational modelling (WP1). Involved staff from CRP-GL and SECO (D. Duday responsible).3b: Advanced characterization of coatings (as deposited; annealed; worn samples) by in situ MOSS (P’), analytical TEM including EELS (P’, IFM) and in situ XRD, SIMS, XPS (CRP-GL), with D. Duday responsible of WP3b.

3c: Measurement of effective elastic properties of as-deposited and annealed samples by BLS (LSPM) and plastic properties by nano-indentation (IFM), with Ph. Djemia responsible of WP3c.

3d: Wear analysis by tribology (IFM) and cutting performance with machining testing (SECO):determination of coatings’ wear rates and lifetimes in cutting conditions (Responsible: M. Jonhansson, SECO).

Expected results and deliverables: F CRP-GL: Knowledge on phase stability and high temperature coating properties relationships. Deliverables: Improved coatings by dcMS or HiPIMS (T0+15; T0+27), 1-2 papers on elaboration and as-deposited and annealed coatings (T0+27,36).F IFM, LSPM : Validation of modeling data with BLS and nanoindentation. Deliverables: 1-2 papers on measurements of effective elastic and plastic properties (T0+27,36).F SECO: Important parameters and optimized chemistry to elaborate long lifetime protective coatings in cutting conditions. Deliverable: Improved coatings by CAE (T0+15; T0+27), reports on coatings’ lifetimes in cutting conditions (T0+18; T0+30).


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