The goal of the MC2 project is a systematic development of new fundamental (basic) and technological (applied) concepts for the design of novel hard multi-component nitride coatings. It suggests a research strategy that goes beyond the standard combinatorial investigation by implementing a property (elasticity, hardness, toughness, wear-resistance) oriented multi-scale data mining.

Three objectives (O1, O2, O3) are identified (see figure).


  • Objective 1 (O1): Combinatorial first-principles simulations on phase stability and elastic properties of TMN alloys.
  • Objective 2 (O2): Mesoscopic-scale modeling and investigation of the impact of structural freedoms (3D vs 2D nanostructures, multilayers) on the elastic/mechanical properties of TMN alloys
  • Objective 3 (O3): Advanced experimental characterization and verification of the coating concepts in industrial cutting applications including wear studies. This step will be implemented as a necessary feedback for further improvement of predicting models and design concept refinement.


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